Email Marketing Basics

Email Is King

In recent years we've seen companies spend a lot of money on social media marketing, search engine optimization and other emerging online marketing channels. The data tells us though that email marketing is still king.   Research from SmartDataCollective tells us all marketing pros (95% of them) are using email marketing. No surprise here since almost everyone online is using email (92% of everyone) and two-thirds...

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Social Media and Email

The past few years have seen a large increase in social media’s use as a marketing tool, causing some people to question whether email marketing remains both practical and relevant. Without a doubt, social media use is increasing each year: It is estimated 78 percent of everyone in North America uses social media, and analysts predict that 2.5 billion people will soon be social-media-connected.  Can...

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Does email marketing really work?

Marketing resources aren't unlimited, so before a company dives into email campaigns it should ask itself a simple question: does email marketing really work?   Email marketing is a direct form of digital advertising that can be aimed either at consumers (B2C) or at business associates (B2B).  Regardless of whether you're trying to get more consumer visits to your subscription website, more affiliates for your partner program,...

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