YNOT Mail Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What's the difference between your Starter tier and Pro tier?

YNOT Mail’s “Starter” tier is perfect for customers who are relatively new to email marketing, plan to send less than 50k emails per month, and don’t require any advanced software features designed for more experienced users.  If you simply need to build, maintain and communicate with a simple email list and only need a basic level of support then this is a great low-cost place to start.  Our “Pro” tier on the other hand can be used for sending volumes of up to 300k emails per month, provides priority support, and adds in advanced tools like split-testing tools, surveys, auto-responders and triggers.  You also get geo-location stats with the “Pro” tier so you can see where around the world your emails are being opened.

Can I send more than 300k emails per month with YNOT Mail?

Absolutely.  If you have a high volume of monthly relays then you’re perfect for our “VIP ” tier which scales up to millions of emails per month.  You’ll gain all the benefits of the “Pro” tier plus dedicated support and a dedicated IP so you have additional control over your sending reputation.  Optional features also become available at this tier, including dedicated IP sending pools for higher volume sending, advanced inbox reports available on request, as well as spam-trap volume reporting.

I signed up, so how long until I can send?

To protect our network from spammers, we put each new account application through a quick review process.  Please be patient while we review your account, however if you haven’t heard back from us by the following business day then please feel free to contact us for an update.

I'm having problems getting into an inbox. Can you help?

There are a lot of reasons why a sender might have problems landing in the inbox of certain ISPs, and this kind of problem can be frustrating.  ISPs provide only minimal information about why they’ve decided to spam-box a certain email, as they don’t want spammers to find ways past their protections.  That said, there are often actions that customers can take to get on track and address inbox problems.  As a customer of YNOT Mail, we’re here to help when you need us, and can offer suggestions on how you can improve your campaigns.

Do you prohibit adult content?

Many email services prohibit adult content out of fear it will negatively impact their networks; for these services, adult companies simply are not a large enough customer niche to matter.  YNOT Mail does not prohibit adult content, and in fact we work with many ethical and honest adult companies who are engaged in legitimate email marketing campaigns.  As long as customers are sending email content that is legal and abides by all applicable laws and regulations, they’re welcome on YNOT Mail.

Do you have an API?

Yes indeed we do.  If you need to use our API, please contact support and we will help you generate an API key.

How do I update billing details or upgrade plans?

We can help you make whatever changes you need to your account, just contact support and we will help you with any alterations.

If you have questions about YNOT Mail, we’re here to help.  Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible.


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