YNOT Mail is a powerful combination of the Internet's best email marketing software plus performance-enhancing services and technologies that will increase deliverability and can protect your company's reputation with ISPs

Email Marketing Software With Proven Results

Easily maintain your email lists

YNOT Mail will automate the otherwise tedious process of maintaining your email lists by automatically processing any bounces based on the rules you specify.

Track the performance of your campaigns!

No more marketing in the dark. With each YNOT Mail campaign you send, you'll get to see how many people open and read your emails, and even how many people click on links in your emails.

Get the best click-through rates with "split" testing campaigns

Create multiple versions of your email message, then tell YNOT Mail to send small tests of each mailer to different potions of your list; the mailer that gets the most reads will then be used to send to the rest of the list.

Automated follow-up features help you convert leads

Set campaigns to automatically convert "leads" to "opportunities" when someone reads your email or clicks on a link – then you can set the software to send an automatic "follow up" email to the opportunities who have shown interest.

Create your own virtual sales force that never sleeps

You can also use autoresponders to check in with sales leads or opportunities at specified intervals, creating your own virtual sales team that never forgets to contact a possible customer.

Create your own email surveys!

YNOT Mail's drag-and-drop editor will let you create your own surveys or feedback forms, then link to these forms from inside your email campaigns.
Get a wealth of insight into your customers and take your business to a whole new level of sophistication.

YNOT Mail's Reputation Shield for high-volume email marketers

If you send a lot of emails each month, YNOT Mail comes with our Reputation Shield service that will help protect and defend your reputation with ISPs and keep you off black lists. Higher deliverability means more sales.

Shared or Dedicated IP Options

Smaller volume accounts use shared IP pools to help protect against costly mistakes to your reputation.
Larger volume senders who need to maintain their own separate reputation can use dedicated IP solutions.

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Not For Spammers!

YNOT Mail strictly prohibits use of its service for the purpose of sending spam. To use YNOT Mail, you must agree to maintain your own opt-in email lists and provide subscribers with the ability to opt-out of future mailings.

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