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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, YNOT Mail launched in 2011 as a full service email marketing platform that’s delightfully simple to use and keeps its users connected with their customers, clients and followers.

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Many of today’s best online service platforms were built to solve frustrating problems, and YNOT Mail is no different.  The YNOT Mail team is made up of Web visionaries, veteran Internet developers, experienced customer relationship managers, and also email marketers like you who were fed up with the restrictions and limitations of other platforms.


Our experience is a big part of what we do.  Every day we put that experience to work for YNOT Mail customers to help them navigate an increasingly dangerous environment for email marketers, where simple mistakes can have big unintended consequences on email deliverability.

Customer Relationship Manager
Richard Buss

Richard works with small to mid-level senders on our Starter Tier and Pro Marketer Tier plans.

YNOT Mail is a powerful combination of benefits packaged into one service that we designed specifically to help our clients develop better relationships with their customers. We especially enjoy working with businesses that can't get the priority they deserve with other email marketing platforms. YNOT Mail goes beyond providing just software tools; we also provide the infrastructure to run that software combined with a powerful email delivery network that gets our customers' emails into more inboxes while helping to protect their sender reputation from common email marketing mistakes.
The online environment today is difficult for do-it-yourself email marketers. Large tech companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo control the vast majority of email inboxes. When companies make simple mistakes they can unwittingly cause their future emails to get routed straight to spamboxes, making it difficult to communicate with their customers. That can have a huge and often unfair impact on a company's ability to grow, since email is so important to healthy marketing campaigns. YNOT Mail aims to help our customers of all skill levels to avoid common pitfalls and to easily follow best practices that generate the best results.

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