Using Automation and Targeted Email Lists for Better ROI

Using Automation and Targeted Email Lists for Better ROI

Automation is becoming more important in email marketing. Email volume is increasing, making it more challenging to stand out.  So what’s the trick to keeping your subscribers engaged with your email content?


Highly segmented automation helps you to better target your campaigns for better results.  It will also help your open rates because subscribers pay more attention to personalized content. The key here is to use “triggers,” which when used properly help you to segment your larger generalized lists into smaller targeted lists.


According to the Direct Marketing Association, targeted emails increase ROI by 77% over more generalized email campaigns. Targeting your emails will lead to higher open and click through rates.


Sound like a lot of work?  Not if you allow the end user to segment your contact lists for you.


How Email Triggers Work


You can do this in YNOT Mail by using triggers, which perform predefined tasks when someone clicks on a link in your email. 


Suppose you have an online store that sells women’s clothes, men’s clothes, and children’s clothes. If a subscriber receives your email newsletter and clicks on a link related to women’s clothes, for example, you now have information about that subscriber’s preferences. You might then create a trigger that automatically adds her or his name to a new contact list specific to women’s clothes. If you do this with a large enough list, you now have segmented data.  Use it to create campaigns with subject lines and content more specific to this group.


Someone who is interested in women’s clothes is more likely to open an email with a subject line that references women’s clothes , and also are more likely to click through when you show content specific to her tastes.


By making subscribers the decision makers, your subscribers doing the work for you.  You’re also taking your email marketing to a whole new level.


Level Up with Autoresponders


If you want to go a step further, use of autoresponders with segmented lists can be a highly effective strategy. You can define an autoresponder to run when someone is added to a contact list, or after a set period of time.  You see autoresponders in action when you sign up to a contact list and quickly get an email back asking you to confirm you really asked to join the list. Using autoresponders in conjunction with triggers helps to complete the automation circle.


In our example, you sent out an email with links to women’s clothes, men’s clothes, and kid’s clothes. The subscriber then clicked on a link to the first category.  The click meant the subscriber was added (via a trigger) to a contact list for women’s clothes.  Now after a predefined period of time, an autoresponder sends her an email with only offers for women’s clothes.  More of exactly what she was looking for.


Your ROI will drastically improve if you are segmenting at this level.  YNOT Mail subscribers, remember we’re always here to help.  If you have any questions while setting up a trigger or autoresponder, reach out to our help desk through at for assistance.

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