Email Marketing Service for Adult Companies

adult email marketing service

Email Marketing Service for Adult Companies

Why is it so hard to find an adult email marketing service?

Well-known email platforms intended for mainstream companies seldom allow their customers to send adult content. Sites like MailChimp, for example, specifically prohibit explicit content in their “Acceptable Use” policies. Why do they take this stance with customers offering legal adult entertainment sites, adult novelty products or even adult dating services?

First, the adult industry got a bit of a black eye where email was concerned back when the Internet was first experiencing explosive growth. Spammers routinely and indiscriminately flooded inboxes with offers for Viagra and porn sites, offers that occasionally ended up in the email boxes of children. While the industry hasn’t been a major contributor to spam in a long time, that stigma hasn’t entirely gone away.

Second, adult companies sometimes aren’t as polished as big mainstream businesses, and when they make honest mistakes in email marketing the damage can be a bit higher than normal. That’s because those who receive adult content by email that they think is spam, even if it isn’t, tend to get upset.

Third, some big email platforms have concerns about their employees coming into contact with adult content on the job, fearful that it might result in a “hostile work environment” for those who find it offensive.

In short, when they have such a large volume of mainstream clients, it just isn’t “worth it” to them to work with adult companies.

Now many companies need a good adult email marketing service, so they just ignore the rules and sign up for accounts with big email platforms anyway. Sometimes they get away with it for a time too, but when they’re eventually caught (and they always are eventually) they can instantly lose all their data, as well as any remaining credits on the service.

The solution to this problem is YNOT Mail. Because we like working closely with our clients, YNOT Mail isn’t afraid to work with adult companies, webcam models, novelty retailers, distributors, gentlemen’s clubs, or any other legal adult businesses. If we see that your making mistakes that might damage your ability to get your emails into the inbox, we’ll work with you to get those fixed and protect your sender reputation.

If you’re ready to give us a try, visit our pricing page to see which plans are a fit for your needs, and then check out our get started page to sign up for your account. If you need to send a large volume of emails, just ask us for a custom quote. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you build deeper relationships with your customers, fans, and followers.

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