Features listing

YNOT Mail is rich with the features you need to run sophisticated email marketing campaigns that get results.Here is a list of the features that you will enjoy when you use YNOT Mail for your email marketing efforts:

Features: All YNOT Mail account High Volume accounts
(starting at 200,000 emails per month)
Elite Volume accounts
(starting at 10 million emails per month)
100% browser based software
Fully hosted solution
No software to install
No upgrade or support fees
Create surveys and feedback forms
Dozens of built-in email templates
Step-by-step campaign wizard
Personalize your emails
In-email dynamic content blocks
Unlimited autoresponders
Split test email campaigns
Powerful, automated triggers
Campaign statistics (reads, clicks, etc)
Integrate with Google Analytics
Automated bounced email processing
Full WYSIWYG campaign editing
Easily import/export contacts
Pause and resume sending
Automatic event logging
Built-in CRM functionality
Google Calendar integration
RSS email campaign archive
Built-in spam checking
Inbox preview for popular email services
Add simple unsubscribe links
Forward to a friend links
No duplicate email addresses in lists
Email scheduling system
Unsubscribe reports
Double opt-in confirmation
Do-Not-Mail lists
Time-zone support
Dedicated server solution
Unique IP address provided
Start with a clean spam record
Reputation Shield protection
Greylist resolution
Blacklist resolution
Replacement IPs if needed
Dedicated server cluster
Hardware load balancing
Account manager